Friday, May 22, 2009

Not enough traffic? Here are some simple tips to advertise for free

Web Forums
Web forums have been around a long time. If you don’t know what a web forum is, it’s just a place with where people go and post their thoughts or opinions on certain niches. There are car forums, gardening, dog, SEO…. Whatever your business sells or does there’s a forum dedicated to it. Start posting in these forums, don’t write sales letters as posts right off the bat. Become a part of the community and slowly start selling people on your product. On most forums you can even add your link to your signature. You get free advertising and a free link back to your site.

Articles are the foundation to any good traffic campaign for your website. Typically I suggest to my clients to take a few hours every Monday to type up 3-4 articles to post throughout the week. Add the articles to your blog and also to sites like and Again more links to your site and free advertising. Be careful sometimes these sites can rank above you on your search terms.

Social Networks
Join any of the ever growing social networks. Find your friends, colleagues and some complete strangers. My networks are pretty large and usually I can post a link and get 50-100 visitors from it.

Offline Marketing
A lot of people tend to forget about the offline world when they get involved with their online businesses. Make sure to advertising where ever you can offline. Add your URL to your business cards, brochures and handouts. I like leaving my card everywhere; you never know who might need a website.

Search Engine Optimization
The best part of all the above free advertising (minus the offline) is these help build your ranking with the major search engines. The more links you get, the more content you have, the more Google will like your site and move you up in the search results. And what is better than being ranked #1-3 in Google? Talk about free advertising!

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